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wild garlic oil

Wild Garlic Oil

We already presented to you our wild garlic pesto which by the way is so good we're almost done with…

Valetins day card freebie owl love you

Free Valentine´s Day card

Are you lookin forward to Valentine´s Day like us? Because I know the struggle to find a sweet but not to…

Banana milkshake

Banana Milkshake

Do you know that feeling when you buy bananas and you just leave them on the counter for a tad…

Ikea Micke Hack

Ikea Hack: MICKE desk lamp

Yesterday was Earth Day and what better way is there than to celebrate it with another recycle DIY, am I…

soap dispenser diy

Soap Dispenser DIY

We had an empty Jack Daniel's bottle hanging around and I thought that it's way to cool looking to end…