Antler Ring Holder DIY

Who doesn’t love some upcycling? Raise your hands or better leave a comment! 🙂 This organic looking antler ring holder is done in under 2 minutes with only 4 key materials. That’s how I like my DIY’s quick and easy! Oh did I mention that it also doubles as a jewelry stand? Killing two birds with one stone!

I found this cool antler laying around at my parents attic and decided I need to create something out of it. That antler shape is perfect for a ring holder so I thought about how to make one and here is the result! What do you think? If you want to make one for your own I’m happy to show you how.

Ring holder DIY

It’s really super simple all you need is 4 things:

  • hot glue gun
  • antler
  • oyster shell
  • pebbles

Ring holder DIY

I forgot to picture the hot glue gun but I think you get the picture. It’s really super simple to craft.

First you glue enough pebbles underneath the oyster to stabilize the stand for the antler. I only need two pebbles. One in the back and one in the front. Once the oyster shell is heavy enough to work as a base all you need to do is glue the antler on top of the shell. Hold it in the desired position for about a minute to let the glue harden and you’re done!

I love the organic look and due to the pebbles it holds a lot of rings. I really like the look with my owl ring. It makes it look like a tree. It’s so simple but still looks great.  Not only is it easy to craft but also really cheap. For me it was basically 0$ but you can buy those materials for less than 5$ which I still think makes for a great addition to every girls apartment or even as a gift.

Ring holder DIY

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