Natural Eggshell Planter DIY

Again we have another eggshell DIY for you. This time we will make Eggshell Planters. If you haven’t seen the other eggshell DIY’s go check out our tutorials for Concrete Eggs and Eggshell Candles. We saved another few of eggshells during the week to make Eggshell Planters. These seedling pots are biodegradable and work perfectly as seed starters! Once the saplings are big enough, you can transplant them with the eggshells to the soil. They get nutrition’s from the shell. But you can also use it to plant cress and just leave the cress in the eggshell planter to display as Easter decoration. Flowers will work great as well.

Eggshell Planter

  • eggshells
  • egg carton
  • soil
  • seeds
  • water

Try to crack the egg in half so both sides of the eggshell are equal in size. Clean them under cold water and let them dry completely. If you want you can paint them into a different color at this point but I like the clean and natural look. Place them into the egg carton to stay upright. You could also use egg cups. Now fill them with the starter soil. This special soil has no nutrition in it to encourage the roots to grow. If you want to just plant cress you can also use cotton wool which will work alike.

eggshell planter cress

Water the soil until it’s moist. Now it’s time to add some seeds! As mentioned earlier you can basically plant anything into the eggshells. If you want to see quick results cress works best and is great for kids to take care of. You just have to keep watering it every day and after four to five days you will have little cress saplings which taste great on top of a cream cheese bagel or sprinkled into a scrambled egg.

eggshell planter cress

Once the seedlings are big enough you can transfer the Eggshell Planters into egg cups. These will look great on any dining room table as an Easter Brunch decorations. Also everyone can just cut off some seedlings to use on their dishes.

eggshell cress cup


  1. Katrin Eckerstorfer Apr 10th, 2017 12:26 pm

    Super Idee… das werde ich gleich mal ausprobieren!!!

    • Chris Apr 17th, 2017 8:38 am

      Hallo Katrin, freut uns sehr, dass dir die Idee gefällt 😊

  2. Rassin Apr 16th, 2017 9:32 am



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