Feather Hair Extensions Tutorial

I really love these Feather Hair Extensions that were so trendy this Spring and Summer. But I could really not pay what they wanted for it at my hairdresser. So I decided to figure out how to do it myself. And the result is amazing!

I got the feathers for this Feather Hair Extensions tutorial ,don’t laugh, at a Fly fishing supply store. They’re actually meant to be turned into baits. But they make great hair accessories too!

Feather Hair Extensions


  • silicon crimp beads
  • rooster feathers
  • booby pin
  • pliers
  • glue

I ordered the silicon crimp beads on amazon. I think it was 10$ for 100 beads so a really good deal compared to what you pay in a Salon.

The feathers were about 25$ And I still had the other tools from other projects.

And this is how it works:

Step 1

Pick about 3-5 feathers and glue them on the tip together. I used farbicglue (has to be waterproof)

Feather Hair Extensions

Step 2

Twist the pin a bit so it looks like a loop. Pull bobby pin trough a strand of hair.

Feather Hair Extensions

Step 3

Put the crimp bead on the hook.

Feather Hair Extensions

Step 4

Pull the pin with the hair trough the bead.

Feather Hair ExtensionsFeather Hair Extensions

Step 5

Pull the feathers trough a bead.

Feather Hair Extensions

Step 6

Get the bead with the feathers as close as possible towards your scarlb and use the pliers to squeeze the bead together. And you’re done!

Feather Hair Extensions

And the best part is that I had some really nice gray feathers leftover that would not look good as extensions but as earrings they look great!

Feather Hair Extensions

I also blogged theĀ Feather Hair Extensions tutorial on craftster.com and was featured in the newsletter! Thank you so much!!

Not only did I get featured I also am a Craftster Best of 2011. Wow!

Craftster Best of 2011 Winner
I’m a Craftster Best of 2011 Winner!

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