Valentine´s Day Card Freebie

The big day in February is coming closer and closer and of course we all get a little lovey dovey at this time of the year. Yes, me too 🙂 And that’s why I created this free Valentine´s Day Card for you. Hurray!

Valetine´s Day Card Shut up and kiss me

Valetine´s Day Card Shut up and kiss me

To tell you why I chose this text is pretty easy. It’s a cliché. I’m german as most of you know by now and I hear millions of clichés about us all the time since I live in the states. One of them is that we’re not very affectionate people. In fact I agree in some points. We’re not big into hugs and saying I love you all the time to friends or even family. Don’t ask me why! I’ve no idea. But that’s just how it is. Don’t worry it’s not sad it’s just our mentality 🙂

But  that explains why my card says: Shut up & Kiss me. I think this desrcibes my nationality pretty much and I really like it (since I use that sentence all the time) 😉

I designed two color themes so pick whatever you like best.

I hope you like it!

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