How to make Vanilla Sugar

Vanilla Bean Sugar is so easy to make there’s actually no excuse not to make it. Also it’s one of those recipes where you can just use something you otherwise would throw away.

There’s so many recipes in which vanilla bean sugar would make a great addition. Just think of desserts, drinks, snacks even some savory recipes can benefit from vanilla aroma. It just makes everything more delicious. You can’t compare real vanilla bean to that pre-packaged vanilla sugar artificial stuff you can buy. There’s worlds between those two things.

Vannila Bean Sugar

DIY Vanilla Bean Sugar


  • 1 cup Sugar (extra fine)
  • Vanilla Bean

We used the vanilla bean for another recipe for which we cut the vanilla bean in half and scraped out the seeds with a knife. Now all that was left was the outer part of the vanilla bean. Don’t throw the scraped out vanilla bean away. It still contains tons of flavor!

Put the sugar and the scraped out vanilla bean in a jar and shake it until it’s all mixed up. Store in an airtight container. Let it sit for at least 2 to 3 weeks so the flavor can develop.

The sugar is incredible and it will last forever. Well theoretically cause I’m sure you use it up before. But wait you can’t really use it up! How you ask? Just replace the sugar you use with new plain sugar and it magically will turn into vanilla sugar. Yes please!

In Germany we love to top plain cut up strawberries with vanilla sugar or we mix it with cinnamon and sprinkle it on pancakes.

Vannila Bean Sugar

Have you ever made something with real vanilla bean in it? Share some of your recipes below. I can’t wait to read them.

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