Soap Dispenser DIY

We had an empty Jack Daniel’s bottle hanging around and I thought that it’s way to cool looking to end up in the trash. Why not use it as room decor instead? So as thrifty as I am I decided to upcycle it. I found a great looking Jack Daniel’s bottle into a DIY soap dispenser tutorial over at Curly Birds. This DIY craft takes about 5 minutes to accomplish once you have the right soap dispencer pump. It makes a great industrial, functional and useful addition to our small bathroom.

soap dispenser diy.jpg

Materialls you’ll need to make a Soap Dispenser:

  • empty liquor bottle
  • liquid soap
  • soap dispenser pump

You can use whatever empty liquor bottle is available to you.

Just rinse the empty liquor bottle you want to recycle and fill it with the liquid soap. Now screw the pump on top. Congratulations! You just crafted a DIY soap dispenser!

Here’s an extra tip: To make sure we find a soap dispencer pump that fits we meassured the neck of the bottle and looked at the diameter of soap pumps in the store. We ended up buying a super cheap soap pump for about 4 Euros.

And another tip: We found that the tube going into bottle is too short. So we will have to replace that at some point. It only goes halfway into the bottle. Which is not the greatest solution as we always have to fill up the soap the make it usable again. We will get a new tube from the aquaristic departement as they sell those for aquarium pumps.

I think it fits very well into our black and white bathroom. I find that the Jack Daniel’s label is quiet artistic looking. What do you think? This soap dispenser made my boyfriend pretty happy. It looks great in a man cave but I also enjoy the rusty look of it. It’s super cheap, quick and unique. Which makes me think of giving it away as a gift for our male friends.

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