Death Star Bath Bombs

Have you seen our Concrete Death Star tutorial? If yes you know that I’m left with those Death Star molds that I purchased for those. I love the concrete Death Stars but I was wondering if I could use those molds for something else. Yedis and Sith let me introduce to you Death Star Bath Bombs! With Father’s Day and Mother’s Day ahead this will make a great gift for the geeky parent in your life!

Death Star Bath Bombs

Not only is May 4th approaching and we all know what that means: “May the fourth be with you!” Not only that but Father’s Day will be on the exact same day! Oh all the jokes you can tell: “I am your father!” Yeah I stop now…

Not even mentioning that the following day is Revenge of the 5th 😉

Death Star Bath Bombs

Well let’s make some Death Star Bath Bombs shall we?

Death Star Bath Bombs

Dry ingredients:

  • Baking Soda – 100 gramm
  • Citric Acid – 80 gramm
  • Corn Starch – 100 gramm
  • Epsom Salts or Sea Salt  – 4-6 Tbsp
  • Glitter (optional)

Wet Ingredients:

  • Essential or Fragrance Oil – 2 tsp (optional)
  • Coconut Oil – 2 tbsp
  • Food coloring – 3 or 4 drops. (you could use also natural colors like beetroot juice)

First blend all the dry Ingredients together in a big bowl. You can do the next step in two different ways. Either you blend them together in a different bowl or you can add them step by step separately to the dry mix while whisking. I used option two since It’s one step less to worry about. You should be left a with a damp sand kinda consistency.  It should stick together when you squish it.

Don’t on any circumstances add water in this process! Water will react with the formula and it will begin frizzing.

To create the Death Stars, you fill each side of the mold with the mixture. Overfill it a bit at the center and press the two sides together.

Death Star Bath Bombs
It takes a little practice to get a feel for how much filling you need. I had to remove a bit of filling in each of the molds as I couldn’t properly close them.

Death Star Bath Bombs

I made 3 different kind of Death Stars. I started with the bright blue one which is the Dad Version.

Once that one was done I added red into the mix to get a slight purple Bath Bomb. This one is for Mom! And to make it a little more girlish I added some gold glitter into the mix too!

Death Star Bath Bombs

I only had enough “dough” left to make another half Death Star Bath Bomb. So I experimented with the color and added some drops of yellow. I actually really like the color it created.

Let them in the mold overnight or up to 24h. Carefully remove them and store them in an airtight container. Since there are no preservatives you should use them up in a few month or the oil could get rancid. I did not any essential oils and I don’t really mind. Chris says they smell great like coconut!

Death Star Bath Bombs

Just drop them into the tub and enjoy your deserved bath. You can use other molds as well if you have. It’s all natural ingredients so you should be safe to use it for other purposes afterwards. Just make sure the essential oils are 100% natural.

Be careful of your skin. You might be allergic to some of the ingredients so if you’re not sure or if you have very sensitive skin you might want to stay way from it or make a tiny once that you can dissolve and test on your skin first.

Oh and you will never guess what happened to me. I used to work for a german lifestyle magazine and got to interview Daisy Ridley. Like what?! You can watch it here:

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