Skeleton Selfie – Photoshop Tutorial

Every year for Halloween I change my profile picture on social media. This year I turned into a Skeleton. Two years ago I used Photoshop to turn myself into a demon for Halloween. This Halloween Skeleton Selfie Photoshop Tutorial is super easy and doesn’t need any advanced techniques.

Skull Portrait

In this tutorial I will explain to you how you can change your own picture into a scary Halloween skeleton image. You can even use it for invitations or hang it into a picture frame for a spooky decoration.

First of all you’ll need a portrait of yourself or a family member and an image of a skull. I used one I found on Google that fitted my face. Just look for a front skull image in a big size for good quality.

This is what I started with.

Halloween Portrait

First you need to convert your image into black and white. Cut out the skull from the white background and lay it over your portrait. If you put down the opacity to like 20 percent it’s easier to adjust the skeleton to your facial features. Use all kinds of the Transformation tool like Perspective and Image Warp until it fits your needs.

For my overlay I used the eraser tool to erase the eye part of the skull and some of the mouth like you can see here.

Skull Halloween Portrait

I used the Blending Mode Darken with 100% but that really depends on your image. This is what it looked like after this first step:

Skull Halloween Portrait

I wasnt really happy yet so I created another layer with the skull image. Again I erased the unwanted parts and this time put the Blending Mode on Multiply again on 100% and It looked like below. You can especially notice it on the nose and eye part. It has a lot more depth this way.

Skull Halloween Portrait

Due to using the skull images which was slightly brighter than my skin tone it seemed a little off so I fixed that with a layer of Brightness/Contrast.

Skull Halloween Portrait

I also added a slight Vignette. I created a new empty layer and used the Brush tool in black to paint the vignette on to the sides. I lowered the opacity of that layer to about 78% and thats all to it.

Skull Halloween Portrait

Here you can see all the layers and masks I used. I use photoshop in german put I hope you understand this tutorial. If you have questions just comment below and I ‘ll be happy to help you. Happy Halloween y’all!

Skull Halloween Portrait

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