Wild Garlic Oil

We already presented to you our wild garlic pesto which by the way is so good we’re almost done with the jar I made 😅 Now I had some more wild garlic left over and decided to infuse some oil with the wild garlic flavor. And let me tell you it’s so easy to do and tastes great!

Wild Garlic Oil: Ingredients

  • 500ml Oil
  • 65g Wild garlic leaves

All you’ll need is some vegetable oil. You can also use olive oil but vegetable oil is apparently better to take on the aroma. Wash a handful of ramson leaves and pat them dry. They have to be fully dried or they can spoil the oil. Cut up the wild garlic leaves into fine pieces and fill them in a clean glass bottle. I washed the bottle under hot water shortly before I made the oil so it will be sterile.

wild garlic oil

Now let the mixture sit in a dark place for at least three days and turn in up side down occasionally to infuse the oil with the wild garlic flavor. After three days are over filter out the shredded leaves. You can just strain the oil trough a cloth. You will be left with a highly aromatic wild garlic oil which tastes great on pasta or to just dip bread in it. The flavored oil will be good for a good six to eight weeks. If you don’t remove the leaves the oil will only be good for two weeks but will gain more aroma. This is such a great gift to bring to one of the first BBQs of the season. It’s very versatile and works great in so many dishes. Just yum!

wild garlic oil

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