Wild Garlic Salt Recipe

Its’s finally back in Season: Wild Garlic! Every March I’m counting the days until ramsons aka ramp is finally showing off it’s delicious leaves. One of the first and easiest Wild Garlic recipes that I use to make every year is Wild Garlic Salt. It’s pretty simple but packed with flavor. My mom actually awaits her little jar of salt every year and keeps asking me if I already made some. In this article I’ll show you how to make Wild Garlic Salt.

Wild Garlic and Salt in a Blender

How to make Wild Garlic Salt

It couldn’t be simpler. All you need is salt and Wild Garlic leaves aka Ramp/Ramsons. Yep. That’s all.

  • 100g wild garlic and 1kg salt

Or in US measurements 3.5 ounces wild garlic to 2.2 pounds of salt.

When you harvest Wild Garlic (Allium ursinum) make sure to do so before it blooms. That’s when the flavor is best. The harvesting time is between late March and May.

First you have to wash and dry the wild garlic. Than add it with whatever salt you like into a blender. I used pink Himalayan salt here but also used sea salt on other occasions.

The Wild Garlic Salt will have a different color depending on which kind of salt you use and how much ramsons you put into the mix. With the pink Himalayan salt the color was quiet muted while the sea salt mix has a vibrant green color to it. I use a rather corse salt as it will get finer when you blend it all together.

Mixed up Salt und Wild Garlic

When all of the salt and Wild Garlic is mixed together, spread it evenly onto a baking tray and let it dry. I tend to do this outside as the smell is quiet intense in the beginning. I put a clean kitchen towel on top of the tray so nothing gets into my Wild Garlic Salt.

Wild Garlic Salt drying on a tray

After 2-3 days the salt should be fully dry and can get backed into little containers. I like to keep it in little lumps as I feel like it looks fancier. You could also grind it up again if you like.

The mixture will be good for years! I still have some in use that I made 3 years ago. It will loose the vibrant color but not much of the taste.Be sure to add the wild garlic salt right before serving, since the aroma loses intensity due to heat.

More Wild Garlic recipes

If you need more Wild Garlic recipe inspiration check out my Wild Garlic Oil and vegan Wild Garlic Pesto. Wild Garlic works perfectly with fish dishes, cream soups, salads and potato dishes.


  1. Diane Schupbach Apr 18th, 2021 10:06 pm

    I don’t mean to be silly, but did I miss the quantities of salt and ramps, or the ratio of one to the other?

    • Anni Apr 18th, 2021 10:21 pm

      Hi Diane,

      Your absolutely right!
      I always eyeball it but I’d recommend 100g wild garlic and 1kg salt.

      Or in US measurements 3.5 ounces wild garlic to 2.2 pounds of salt.
      Hope that helps!


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