Black Widow Costume DIY (The Avengers)

Spontaneously I decided to create a Black Widow Costume for Halloween. You know the Scarlet Johansson The Avengers, Captain America, Iron Man kinda one and not the spider version :p

It’s a really cheap DIY Halloween or Cosplay costume you can do in less than a day! I paid about 20$ for the Materials I needed since I had all the other things on hand.

.Black Widow Costume

Black Widow Costume DIY

What you’ll need:

  • Black Leotard
  • Black Leggings
  • Black Boots
  • Matte Black Spray Paint
  • Black Leather Fabric ( or finished Thigh Holsters)
  • Bullet Belt
  • Black Fingerless Gloves
  • Toy Glocks
  • Gray and Red Craft Foam
  • Velcro
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Black Sharpie
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard
  • Optional Red Hair Wig or Spray Paint

I bought the Leotard, the Spray Paint and the Bullet Belt over Amazon Prime and it arrived the next morning. Lucky me!

S.H.I.E.L.D. Patches

Ok so first let’s start with the S.H.I.E.L.D. Patches for the shoulders:

Find a glass which has about 3 inches in diameter to trace.

S.H.I.E.L.D Patches

Trace two circles on the gray foam and cut them out using the Scissors. You can find the bird symbol online. I sketched it with the pencil first and then filled it in with a black sharpie.

S.H.I.E.L.D Patches S.H.I.E.L.D Patches S.H.I.E.L.D Patches

Tipp: When you do the second one the head should face the opposite side. ( I forgot about this while doing mine!) Outline the foam in black and you’re done. You could use a hot glue gun, Velcro, sew it or just use double sided glue tape to attach them to your Leotard. I used the double sided glue tape because I wanted to be able to reuse the Leotard after Halloween.

Black Widow belt

Next let’s continue with the Black Widow belt:

First I made a belt out of some Black Leather Fabric I had laying around and sewed some Velcro at the ends.

Black Widow Belt

Create a curved hourglass figure with the grey foam. It should be slightly bigger than the belt. Create a smaller hourglass shape out of the red foam an repeat this step with the black foam. Hot glue all three pieces on top of one another. I used hot glue to attach it to my DIY belt.


Black Widow’s wrist cuffs

Remove enough bullets from the bullet belt to create whatever size bracelet you need. I used about 12 bullets each for my bullet bracelets.

Bullet Bracelet Bullet Bracelet Bullet Bracelet Bullet Bracelet Bullet Bracelet Bullet Bracelet Bullet Bracelet

I separated all the bullets and used the matte black car spray paint to turn them black like the ones Scarlet is wearing in the Avengers movies. To be safe I put them into a cardboard box to avoid making a mess. Let them dry for about 45min to 1 hour before reassembling them.

Here’s a detail shot of the look.

Bullet Bracelet

DIY Thight Holsters

The tight Holsters were a little tricky. First I cut two pieces of black leather so it would fit around my tights.

Tight Holsters

Tight Holsters

Here I used Velcor again to be able to easily attach and detach them from my legs.

Tight Holsters

Now I needed two leather straps to attach it to my belt. Again I cut two about 2 inches wide leather straps.

Tight Holsters

I made them a little longer than I needed them to be and sewed a loop at each end so i can just pull it through the belt and the thight straps.

For the gun holster I used cardboard. Luckily as I mentioned above I ordered a couple of things over amazon anf therefore had the cardboard on hand. First I traced a triangular shape.

Tight Holsters Tight Holsters

With an x-acto knife or cardboard cutter I  cut out the piece.

Tight Holsters

After that you have to fold it into shape.

Tight Holsters Tight Holsters

I used regular tape to keep it from unraveling but that wasn’t a smart choice as I found out during Halloween. It fell apart midway in the party. So I’d suggest you use duct tape.

Tight Holsters

Now I had to fixade the tight holsters with the gun holsters. For that I cut to straight lines into the back of the cardboard pieces.

Tight Holsters Tight Holsters Tight Holsters

Here’s a crappy Iphone picture because I didn’t take a better one from this step. I’m terribly sorry…


I used the same matte black spray paint to color the cardboard black. Let it dry for about 1h before attaching the straps back to it.

Tight Holsters Tight Holsters

I did not want to buy an expensive wig so I opted for red hair spray paint for about 2,50 Euros. What a steal! I curled my hair over night with a technic I’m going to blog about at some point and than just used the whole can of spray paint. Here’s a candid shot of the party:

black widow hair

The Black Widow costume was a total success and people even recognized the movie heroine I tried to represent.


  1. Lisa Jan 12th, 2019 10:52 pm

    I love this costume and I’m definitely going to do that as cosplay, I just have a couple of questions. Could I just order leather fabric over Amazon? And how wide was the belt, would 2 inches be enough? And you said that you made 2 strips of both the thigh strap and the other strap, did I misunderstand that or why do you need two of each?
    Your tutorial is super easy and cheap, I’m so glad I found it!

    • Anni Jan 16th, 2019 8:42 am

      Hi Lisa,

      I’m glad you enjoy this tutorial. You sure can order some fabric. I was just lucky enough to have leftovers. Two inches sounds about right. But you can make it as wide as you like. I needed two strips each so I can make a holster for each of my legs. I hope this helps and I’d love to see the final result. Feel free to tag me on Instagram @wemustbedreamers. Thanks!


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