Coffee Scrub with 2 natural ingredients

Who doesn’t love a nice body scrub? Especially if it’s all natural and smells amazing! If you need a last minute gift for Mother’s Day, your best friends birthday or Christmas you can easily make this natural coffee scrub in less than 5 minutes and with 2 ingredients you probably already have at home. Plus it’s really cheap to make.

You can other ingredients if you want. For a stronger peeling effect you can add a little bit of sea salt or sugar. The coffee scrub will not only work great as a peeling but it has lots of other benefits. The caffeine in the grounds will help getting rid of cellulite. It provides antioxidants and dehydrates the skin which will let those dimples shrink. Also your skin will feel slightly tighter and firmer. Unfortunately the effect is only temporarily so it’s best to use the coffee scrub regularly.

The coconut oil helps reduce the signage of stretch marks and if you put the coffee scrub under your eyes it can remove the puffiness especially if you keep the mix in an ice cube tray. Just use one coffee scrub cube in the morning to remove dark circles and puffiness.

DIY coffee scrub

  • 1 cup ground coffee
  • 5 tbsp coconut oil

coffee scrub DIY

Mix the coconut oil and the ground coffee in a clean bowl until both ingredients are well combined. If your coconut oil is too hard you can just melt it a bit in the microwave. Once the mixture is evenly combined fill it into an empty glass jar and seal it tightly. I used just a re-purposed empty jam jar which will cost you nothing! That’s why I basically keep all my empty glass jars. Do you do the same?

Wrap a nice bow around it and you have a super cute handmade DIY coffee scrub to give away. For another beauty DIY check out our clay mask.


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